Wired: A Season Inside The NBA (2012)

A fan can always see how a team is doing by checking its wins and losses but to truly know whats up you have to be on the inside, and that is exactly where NBA Wired takes you. WIRED: A Season Inside the NBA takes you behind-the-scenes for an entire NBA season. Through exclusive access to practices, locker rooms, planes and buses of every NBA team, WIRED gives fans the opportunity to view the seasons ups and downs the same way the players do - from the inside. You will listen in as coaches chart their plans of attack in locker rooms and huddles. See inside training camp alongside the leagues biggest stars as they prepare for the season. Find out what it is like to hop from one city to the next while trying to keep focused on the next nights opponent. From the tip-off on opening night to The Finals locker room celebration, WIRED: A Season Inside the NBA delivers you an all-access look inside every facet of the game.